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We are experts in Business Logistics.

We are dedicated to monitor the means and methods that allow us to
carry out the process and organization of a company.

Business logistics implies a certain order in the processes that involves
the production and marketing of products or services.



Monitor the tasks and business resource management. GPS tool for Vehicles by notifications

In time

Make decisions in real time of the operation. You should always be in the precise moment and at the right conditions to make decisions. Delmond Express allows companies to comply with the requirements of their clients and obtain the highest possible service.

The Activities

Do you have access to all areas of your Company in real time? Delmond lets you Communicate all areas of your company through a technological platform and an mobile application that controls the efficiency of all the activities and processes of your company.!


It begins when you venture into new systems and allow you and your company to transcend in the future.
Update and update your tools.

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About Us


Delmond Express

The business logistics solution you were waiting for! We analyze and optimize your logistics problems, In terms of distribution, communication, monitoring and transportation. We make these processes effective to be able to flow The information and connect with your team. We systematize the forms, we communicate the Jobs, we show the issues and we make possible The proper flow of your information. We help you so you can make decisions in real time and with real data. From today monitor your messengers, drivers, merchandise and communicate with your team fast and effective.

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If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for technological solutions to improve the processes of your company; also counts with 5 or more employees, sell products or services and distribute nationally and international. You are definitely ready for our logistical analysis and technology.

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